Job Rejection

Closed Captioning with CaptionSync can be affected by the quality of the audio content. This article shows some troubleshooting tips.

When CaptionSync receives a job for transcription, that job is automatically assigned to an appropriate transcriber. We use only trained, professional transcribers, and they are generally able to handle a wide variety of subject matter and audio quality. AST carefully monitors transcription quality from all of our transcribers, so if our transcriber feels that the recording quality is such that they cannot maintain our expected quality standards for your job, then they will reject it. A rejected job is routed to our staff for review – if our reviewer feels that another transcriber may be able to tackle your job, it will be reassigned to another transcriber. You will typically receive an automated notice if your job is reassigned. If our reviewer feels that the audio quality is too poor to get a reasonable transcript, or if the job has been rejected by too many transcribers, it is returned to you as a rejected job. There is no fee charged for a rejected job.

If you want our transcriber to just provide a best-effort to get a transcript without setting the quality standard as high as we typically ask, then you can indicate this in the Guidance to Transcriber section. This does not guarantee that they will complete the job, but it will increase the likelihood that they will attempt it if the audio quality is poor.

Even if we can successfully get a transcript, poor quality audio can result in additional problems during the generation of the caption files. It can result in bad timing in the caption files, or in a failure to generate a caption file at all. If we transcribe your job and it fails to caption, it will be routed to our review staff for repair. AST does not charge extra for difficult audio files, nor do we charge to repair occasional captioning failures due to poor audio, however if you have a lot of content with poor audio quality, or you repeatedly submit poor quality audio files, we ask that you use our Result Review service to have your jobs automatically routed to an AST reviewer to manually check and correct your results (an extra fee applies for Result Review).

Please note that Result Review is only available for Captioning-Only and Transcription/Captioning requests.

If your jobs are being rejected, you may want to explore improving your mic'ing and recording equipment – after all, if our transcribers are unable to understand your material, it is likely that your viewers are also not getting the full value of your recordings. Some additional Tips:

  • Improve recording conditions. E.g., use lapel mics to try to eliminate extraneous noise as much as possible; or change the location where the recording takes place.
  • Clean up the audio to remove background and extraneous noise, before submitting it to us.
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