Closed Captioning with MediaAMP / thePlatform

Closed Captioning MediaAMP / thePlatform videos with CaptionSync is easy using our integration. This tutorial describes how to set up CaptionSync's integration with MediaAMP or thePlatform.


One-Time Setup (MediaAMP / thePlatform MPX account):

Ask your thePlatform or MediaAMP account manager to set the appropriate feeds and metadata fields for your MPX user, so that you can make captioning requests, and also to provide you with the following:

mpx Username
Ingest Server URL
Caption Publish URL

Note that the MPX user needs to have at least an "Editor" role in order to set up the custom fields for captioning requests.

One-Time Setup (CaptionSync account):

  • Log into CaptionSync, go to Settings -> Account Features, select Enable my account for MediaAMP / thePlatform Integration from the drop-down menu, and click Request Account Feature. You will receive an email updating you about the feature status. Note that if you don't see MediaAMP / thePlatform on the "Account Feature to Add" drop-down menu, it's already enabled.
  • Once you're notified that the feature is enabled, go to Settings -> MediaAMP / thePlatform, and enter the values your account manager provided you with. Click Update Settings:

Image of the MediaAMP / thePlatform Settings page, on the CaptionSync website

Requesting Captions:

Requesting captions involves two steps:

  1. Tagging media objects with specific metadata in the AST Metadata panel.
  2. Publishing the media using the AST Captions requested publish profile.

1. Tagging the media:

  • Click AST Metadata -> Status -> Requested for your selected entries. You can also select Rush Transcription (1-Day Transcription); add notes for the transcriber; select the language your media is in; and enter a Purchase Order number (if you have a Purchase Order account). Note that if no Purchase Order number is specified (and you have a Purchase Order account), your default Purchase Order configured in CaptionSync will be used.
  • Click Save:

Image of a video details page, on the MediaAMP / thePlatform system

2. Publishing the media:

Publishing the media object(s) is done in the same manner as standard MPX publishing tasks:

  • Select the media object(s) in the All Media view.
  • Click Publish, at the bottom of the console. A dialog box appears with a list of available publish profiles. Select the AST Captions requested profile from the list, and click Publish:

Image of the Publish profiles dialog box, on the MediaAMP / thePlatform system

CaptionSync will check your feed periodically. When the media is downloaded, the status is changed to In Process. Once ingested, you'll see its AST ID in the AST Metadata menu, by the AST ID field. When captions are complete, the status is changed to Completed.

To see details of a request, cancel it or to submit a redo, you can click the AST Caption Sync button, on the video details page, and it will take you to the CaptionSync Submission Details page (after login):

Image of a video details page, on the MediaAMP / thePlatform system

You may also use the thePlatform ID to track the status of your submissions by pasting the ID at the end of the URL; then copy and paste the URL in your browser.

Viewing Captions:

Once captions are associated with a video, you can turn them on and off, when viewing the video in any of MediaAMP or thePlatform’s accessible players, by clicking the CC icon:

Image of a video playing on the MediaAMP / thePlatform system, displaying captions

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