Specifying Transcriber Expertise

CaptionSync allows you to direct your submission to transcribers with expertise in a specific area.  This article shows you how to specify the preferred expertise of the transcriber for your submission.

How to set a Transcriber Expertise:

1. On the submission page, open the Advanced Settings. Select the Language/Content tab.

2. Under Transcriber Preferences, choose Prefer Based Upon Expertise and then select the area of expertise from the Prefer Transcribers with Expertise in list:

Image of the Advanced Settings, showing the options to set the Transcriber Expertise

3. If you would like to also use the specified expertise for all future submissions, check Save Above Settings as Default .

4. Click Apply Changes.

How to set a Transcriber Expertise for batches, integrations and AST-Link requests:

1. Go to Settings -> Language/Content. You can select the default language, spelling preference (for English only), and the expertise:

Image of the Language/Content page

2. Click Save Defaults.

Note that selecting an expertise via Advanced Settings (saved as default) or via Settings tab has the same effect: all submissions, from any source or type, will have that expertise applied to them.

Checking the Transcriber Expertise for a Submission:

1. Go to Caption/Transcribe -> Status of Submissions and find the relevant submission(s). 

Image of the Submission History page

2. Open the Details page by clicking the AST ID link of the submission. Then expand the Show More Details... section, and check the Prefer Transcribers with Expertise in field:

Image of the Details page, showing the Transcriber Expertise

Important Notes:

  • Restricting transcribers based upon expertise may result in a transcription delays beyond normal turnaround times.


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